I first stepped on a soccer field when I was four years old. I immediately fell in love with the sport and still play to this day. There is something about a soccer field that brings out intense emotions in me. The nostalgia of the many games and practices from my youth is almost overwhelming. Some of my strongest friendships were forged on the field. To put it simply, I love soccer and Cobra soccer shin guards have been with me every step of the way!

The proper soccer gear is important for the enjoyment of the game. I always wore Adidas Copa Mundial cleats, until about three years ago when I put a pair of Nike Hypervenom’s on my feet. That is a story for another day, but I haven’t looked back and I love my Nike’s! Shin guards, socks, shorts and jerseys are no different. If you want to play well, you can’t be fidgeting with your gear the whole time.

Rolls & Rolls of Tape

My parents bought so many rolls of tape while I was growing up to keep my shin guards in place. Putting the tape on my legs was a ritual before every game and practice. I hated it, but it was the only way to keep my shin guards in place. So, every time I played I would tape up my guards hoping to get the perfect wrap – not too tight or too loose. As I got to high school I started not wearing shin guards to practice so I didn’t have to deal with taping them. That caused a few rough collisions that my shins didn’t appreciate!

Shin Guard Sleeves Save You Money!

In college, I kept playing indoor soccer with my friends. As a recent newlywed, and college student, funds were tight. There was no way I could justify buying tape for my shinguards every couple of weeks, but what else was I supposed to do if I wanted to play? I walked into a soccer store to buy my athletic tape and was introduced to Cobra Shinguards. I bought a pair and have never regretted that purchase! Finally, a sleeve that fit around my leg comfortably and a guard that would custom mold to my shin.

13 years later and I still haven’t bought a single roll of athletic tape. Cobra Shinguards will change the way you play by re-focusing you back to the game and not worrying about your shinguards. I cringe when I see players on the field constantly adjusting their guards.

I coach a team of 8-year-olds and the Small Cobra Shinguards fit my son perfectly. They have a low profile so they don’t get in the way and the sleeves keep them where they should be the whole game. So many kids on the field are dealing with bulky guards that don’t fit or guards that don’t stay in place. Small Cobra Shinguards fit him well now and it is a relief to know as he gets older I can re-mold his guards to grow with him.

Let Cobra Shinguards control your guards so you can focus on controlling the game!

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