moldable soccer shinguardsCobra Shinguards are the only re-moldable soccer shinguards made specifically to keep you comfortable while playing. The technology behind Cobra Shinguards has revolutionized the way we think about shinguards and enabled us to come up with a product that is lightweight yet durable. Cobra Shinguards will grow with you through the years as you can simply re-mold them as you grow. The days of bulky, uncomfortable shinguards that never stay in place are gone!

Cobra Shinguards are a revolutionary product that offers you high-impact protection, and a light-weight, truly custom fit. In addition, every set comes with our patented sleeves that hold the guard comfortably in place, so no straps or tape is needed.

By using our shinguards with our patented shinguard sleeves you will allow proper leg circulation, while insuring that the guards stay secure. So, don’t be distracted by shifting guards. Put your concentration where it counts….On The Game!

Pick up a pair of moldable soccer shinguards today!

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