Soccer Shin Guards are often viewed as a necessary evil amongst soccer players. Most soccer shin guards are bulky which leads to distractions during soccer games. Often times soccer players are found adjusting their guards in the middle of a game, rather than focusing on the game.

Ditch the Tape & Straps!

For years soccer players have relied on tape and straps to keep their shin guards in place. Buying tape for every practice and game can be very expensive through the years. Not to mention the frustration that occurs if you run out of tape before a big game.

Straps are less expensive than tape. However, they have to be adjusted to provide the perfect placement. Throughout the game straps lose their strength causing frustration as you constantly have to adjust them.

Designed to mold to your shins providing a custom fit to your leg. Receive a free soccer sleeve with every shinguard purchase. Cobra sleeves are designed to keep your shin guard in place allowing you to keep your focus where it belongs… on the game.

Cobra soccer shin guard sleeves will also provide even blood circulation for your legs allowing them to function without fatigue. You will be able to feel the difference with a soccer sleeve over tape and straps! Tape and straps restrict blood flow to your legs so you feel fatigue as the game wears on. Cobra sleeves work like a compression sleeve allowing proper blood flow throughout the game.

We recognize that there are many shin guard choices for you. We are confident Cobra soccer shin guards provide you with the most comfort and protection on the market! Check us out today and give our shinguards a try. We guarantee you will love them!

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